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Snapshot of the ‘State of Play' in the ENPI CBC Programmes

A snapshot of the ‘State of Play' in the management and implementation of ENPI CBC programmes* is the second of two reports published by RCBI in late 2009 to contribute to the successful management and implementation of the ENPI CBC programmes.

Designed to assess the overall situation at the moment when INTERACT ENPI took over responsibility from RCBI for programme management support, the report considers the progress made to date and what remains to be done. It identifies lessons learned and the gaps between planned and needed support. The report also considers the experience gained from the application of components of the ENPI CBC legal framework in the design and implementation of the programmes.

The ‘State of Play' findings include the fact that the process of developing the programmes has been positive and the success of the calls held to date indicates a high level of interest. People are already looking to how to build on the success for the next programming period after 2013. There is only a short time available for implementing the programmes and special attention should be paid to making use of all the funds. Attention should also be paid to the clarification of procedures and templates in PraG as these are believed not to be sufficient for ENPI CBC.

Click the following links to download the executive summary or the full report.

Organisations involved in the management and implementation of the ENPI CBC programmes are welcome to respond to the recommendations made in the reports by outlining what action they plan to take to address the issues identified. Should you wish to do so, please download, complete and return the form to info@rcbi.info. Click the following link to download the Response to Recommendations form.

*Assessment of the ‘State of Play' in the Management and Implementation of the ENPI CBC Programmes 2007-2013, RCBI, October 2009