Welcome to the RCBI online archive of materials

Funded by the EU and implemented by a consortium led by MWH, RCBI supported the Partner Countries to participate in the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument Cross Border Cooperation (ENPI CBC) Programmes 2007-2013. Whether it was helping local officials to develop project proposals in Murmansk or giving information on ENPI CBC to people in Cairo, RCBI supported the EU's neighbours to actively participate in cross border relations from April 2005 to June 2012. 

RCBI has now ended but its support continues. Tools and resources produced by the project will be available via this website until June 2014. On this site you will find:

  • Who to turn to for support to implement projects
  • Guides to national requirements in each Partner Country for implementing ENPI CBC projects
  • ENPI CBC Project Implementation Manual
  • Guidelines for auditors
  • The clock is ticking - steps for preparing ENPI CBC project proposals
  • WWW Wheel of responsibilities for ENPI CBC programme management
  • Presentations made at all events

Thank you all very much for the fruitful and effective collaboration. We wish you all ongoing success as you implement projects bringing benefits to the ENPI CBC regions.

The RCBI team